On-Demand Services

Achieve Your Business Goals with Flexible, Hourly Digital Marketing

No need for long contracts, retainers, or projects with limited scope. Just tell us what you need in your client portal and get it done. Simple.

Create Your Account

Sign up with Digital Recruits to get started with your workspace. You can do this by purchasing one of our 1 off-services or by signing up for an hourly services account.

Assign Us Tasks

If you bought a service then we will start working on the service you bought and communicate with you in our client portal. Otherwise, you can simply sign in to your client portal and assign us work to do.

Review & Accept

We submit the work to you to review and you can either ask for changes or accept the work if you are happy with the deliverable.

Expert Services

Assign Tasks 

Instead of filling out a long intake form we make assigning tasks simple by chatting with you one-on-one to understand your needs.

Once you have signed up for services, simply login to your client portal and use the chat to let us know what work you need done.

We then create a task in our task-tracking system so that you can track the progress. Once it's complete you will receive a message to review and approve the work.

Track Your Task Progress

Once your task is submitted you will be able to track the process and approve the work in the client portals task section.

Simple no-tricks pricing

We made pricing simple for you to get started on your digital marketing journey. 

Simple Pricing

We offer an all-inclusive hourly rate that will help you save time and money when getting your digital marketing work done. 

Who we service

Small Businesses Owners
Marketing Managers

All inclusive


per hour when using our on-demand services
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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

How many tasks can I request?

As many as you want. We bill on an as-needed hourly rate so you only pay for what you need.

What is the hourly rate?

We charge a flat hourly rate of $80 per hour no matter what type of work you are getting done.

Do you need all of my login information? 

If your task requires it, we will ask for your login information in your client portal.

How long does it take to complete a task? 

This is completely subjective to the task you assign. For smaller tasks, we strive for 3 business days. For larger "project type" tasks we will give you a target completion date.

Are there any types of tasks you will not do?

Anything that is outside the realm of digital marketing, such as data entry, video editing and coding of applications. 

Can I get an estimate before you start on a task?

Absolutely! If you would like to know the time and cost, simply let us know and we will provide you a quote before starting on your work. 

What if I need changes to the deliverable?

Once we have completed your task we will ask you to review it. If you need changes or edits please let us know in the client review phase and we will be happy to make edits for you. 
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