Our Technology Set

We utilize lots of tools to get the job done efficiently. These are a list of some of our favorites, and that we use quite regularly. 

Nifty PM

We use Nifty PM as our main communication tool between employee's , contractors and clients. Each client goes through an on-boarding process where we introduce you to Nifty PM and give you a walk through on how we use it to get work done!
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Our favorite automation builder. Yes there are tons of them out there but we partner with ActiveCampaign based on its overall value, ease of use and of course email deliverability. With ample integrations we ensure a perfect fit for each of our clients.
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We use Oxygen Builder to create both landing pages and sales pages for our projects. Oxygen provides a easy to use interface for building pages within WordPress, while stripping out all of the crap that would typically slow a website down. This creates a positive user experience when the goal is generating sales or leads. 
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Google Tag Manager(GTM) is a block of code placed on a website that tracks conversions and user behavior with the placement of tags on a web page. These tags fire information back to platforms like Google Analytics so that we can view metrics and make changes to maximize performance. 
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Sometime our links need a little extra love and that's where JotURL comes in. JotURL is a tool that creates tracking links so that we can track and attribute traffic to it's source. But we can also attack tracking pixels to these links allowing us to create remarketing audiences. 
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G Suite

We live in G Suite! G Suite is the combination of tools like, docs, sheets, slides, calendar and Google Drive. We also use it for our email client since Google has made all of these things work together so nicely. If you are unfamiliar check them out using the button below. 
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Zapier is the cable co-axle of the internet. It connects most of the popular web applications together allowing them to communicate. We use it to connect client CRM's, and lead ads within our sales funnel workflow.  
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Cold email is no longer a four letter word when its done correctly and we use Lemlist for that. Our B2B clients are experience great results from properly executed cold email campaigns. Lemlist works by providing us the tools and tracking to run these campaigns effectively. 
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